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Luing Crosses

The Luing is most widely recognised as a COW BREED.

Bred to the sire of your choice your Luing cow will produce an economical steer well suited to market specifications. She will rear well grown calves and will pass on her feed efficiency to her offspring. First cross Luing Heifers are very sought after for breeding.

A nucleus Luing herd bred to sires such as Simmental or Saler gives the opportunity of breeding a self-contained cross-bred herd of hardy, very productive cows also well adapted to out-wintering.

The Sim-Luing

The pedigree Simmental/pedigree Luing cross is the Sim-Luing and the female has proved consistently that she is well suited to low ground suckler herds.

She is :

  • Thrifty
  • Hardy and a good forage converter
  • Has stayability – easy care and long living
  • Consistently good breeding performance
  • Good natured with strong maternal instinct
  • Bred to have a correct udder and good milking qualities
  • Good conformation
  • Leaves top quality calves giving her the ability to 'live off her back' when things get tough
  • Gives the advantage of hybrid vigour

The Sim-Luing breeding programme is actively promoted by both the Simmental and Luing Breed Societies. Sim-Luings must be registered with the Luing Cattle Society. Your registration document is your guarantee of authenticity. Sim-Luings born after January 2001 have pedigree certificates.

Official Sim-Luing Sales are advertised in the farming press. Private buyers should contact the Luing Cattle Society.