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Pure Luings

About The Pure Luings

The Luing is a breed which was developed for the modern requirements of the beef industry. Known as a cow breed, a truly commercial breed, Luings have helped fill a gap in beef production; the need for a suitable cow which could rear a well-grown calf under adverse conditions.

Being great foragers and roughage converters, Luings require less costly feeding than is average and are easily reared in extensive conditions. Luing cows have one of the highest ratios of weaning weight to cow weight recorded for any cow type, suggesting efficient calf production

The Luing Female

Female Pure Luing

The Luing's outstanding reputation as a cow breed makes her an efficient cow in any herd

  • Self Replacing
  • Bred for extensive farming
  • Easy to outwinter
  • Requires little supplementary feeding
  • Weather instinct
  • Good foraging ability
  • Long enough body for offspring to weigh well
  • Holds condition in the winter
  • Regularly breeds 9 – 10 calves or more
  • Strong mothering instinct
  • Docile
  • Good conformation
  • Correct feet and legs
  • Long living

The Luing Bull


Pure Luing Bull

  • Renowned for his docility
  • Ease of handling
  • Ideally suited to hill and upland
  • Most bulls reared outside

Bull Licensing Scheme
Operated by the Luing Cattle Society, this scheme gives buyers an assurance that the bulls are of pure Luing type and that at 18 months of age they have attained standards of soundness, growth and conformation in accordance with the Society's regulations.

Luing Steers

Luing Steers
Pure Luing steers finishing at 18 months of age off grass at around 600kgs, - an efficient contributor to gross margins.


  • One of the most effective extensive breeds in Britain today.
  • Outstanding food conversion
  • Outstanding profitability